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    Auto iWeb Warranty Terms & Conditions – Engines & Transmissions

    How to Start a Warranty Claim: Contact the Auto iWeb, Inc. at (877) 775-5855. Provide your purchase receipt number for assistance.
    Limited Warranty: The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser; the New, Remanufactured, Recycled/Used product shall be free from defects in materials as an engine long block only, or transmission case only (including internal components). If the product is properly installed and maintained, and fails due to a defect during the specified warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product in question at their discretion. Approval for repairs or replacements of products must be obtained from the warranty department prior to any work being performed or no warranty consideration will be given and warranty will be voided. 

    • Base Warranty New Remanufactured Engines: 3 years / unlimited miles parts and labor
    • Base Warranty New Remanufactured Transmissions: 3 years / unlimited miles parts and labor
    • Warranty Recycled / Used:  6 month /1 year / 2 year / unlimited miles parts only

    Limitations of Warranty and Exclusions Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions:  This warranty does not apply to any of the following conditions: Damage caused by any foreign material including but not limited to gasket pieces, screws, rust, and dirt.  Damage caused by improper transmission installation or clutch alignment.  Damaged caused to crankshaft due to faulty torque converters, cracked flex plate, or improper installation of transmission.  Damaged caused from pre-ignition or detonation which includes but is not limited to melted pistons, broken rings, damaged cylinder heads, leaking head gaskets, etc.  Damaged caused from lack of maintaining manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. Damage caused by; failure to replace oil coolers and failing to flush oil cooler lines and radiator. Damaged caused as a result of overheating, contamination or lack of lubrication.  Damage caused as a result of accident.  When heat tabs are missing or melted on engine.  Damaged caused through tampering, lack of oil, coolant, improper installation, failure of auxiliary unit such as oil cooler, and lines.  Expenses incurred in securing replacement vehicles, rentals, lodging, towing, roadside assistance, vehicle storage, loss of time, loss of income, commercial loss, long distance telephone calls, legal fees, or other consequential cost or damages. Must replace water pump, thermostat, air cleaner, plugs and wire where applicable.

    Limitations of Warranty and Exclusions Recycled / Used: This warranty does not apply to any of the following conditions: Repair or replacement of any accessory included with engine. These parts are included for a convenience to install only, and are not warranted against defects and/or interchangeability.  All defects due to oil/fluid leaks. It is strongly recommended to replace all external gaskets, seals and the timing belt/chain on engines, Installed in vehicles used for racing, used with off road oversize tires, modified for high performance, or an application that was not intended by the original manufacturer, compensation for inconvenience or loss of vehicle use. Expenses incurred in securing replacement vehicles, rentals, lodging, towing, roadside assistance, vehicle storage, loss of time, loss of income, commercial loss, long distance telephone calls, legal fees, or other consequential cost or damages.

    Labor Payment: Authorized replacements or repairs will be compensated at a rate not to exceed the published labor guide flat rate schedule. Hourly rates for all approved labor claims will be paid in accordance with the original installation rate not to exceed $58.00 per flat rate hour.  

     All labor and related payments to the repairing facility must be PRE-PAID. Labor allowances shall be reimbursed only upon determination of defect in material or workmanship.  There will be NO payments, repairs or replacements under this limited warranty while an existing warranty unit has not been returned for inspection.

    Wrong Product Ordered/Shipped: We make every effort to make sure we ship out the correct product the first time. As part of our order process all phone in orders are recorded for your protection. We require a VIN number on every engine and transmission ordered. We may contact you by phone or by email for more detailed information that we may need to assure that you are getting the correct product. We want to ship the correct product out the first time. We try to have 100% accuracy when we ship out your part. In the event that we ship out an incorrect part due to our mistake, we will take care of shipping to return the part and ship you out the correct part. In the event that we are given the wrong information by you or your installer and you receive the wrong part, you are responsible for all shipping cost to return the incorrect part. We reserve the right to delay shipping out the correct unit until we receive the incorrect unit back and it has been inspected. Typically seven to ten business days once we receive the part back.

    Cancellation:  Contact Auto iWeb, Inc. at (877) 775-5855. Provide your purchase receipt number. Return/Cancellation privileges will not be allowed when unit purchased: Has been installed, operated or held for longer than 30 days, differs from original equipment installed in vehicle when manufactured, has been altered from original specification following receipt.
    Cancellations are subject to the following: Unit has shipped: 25% restocking fee plus ALL shipping cost. Unit has not shipped: 10% cancellation processing charge. Cancellations on the same business day during business hours will not be subject to fee.

    (877) 775-5855

    (Updated 8/2014)

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